Is Your Money Inheritance Enough?

Posted by Carrie Rattle on Jul 21, 2015 5:00:00 PM

America is known for its Rags to Riches stories, which give us all hope for a better tomorrow.  But do we use it as a crutch?  Do we sometimes willfully deny reality and rely too much on hope for the big job, the next Apple, the lottery, or an inheritance to save our money worries? 

Inheritance Reality

According to a Time Magazine article “Boomers Never Got their $30 Trillion Inheritance…” , the Boomer generation was set to inherit $41Trillion before incomes stagnated, jobs disappeared and the market took a dive. Now the Boomer generation is set to inherit somewhere around $12 Trillion as of 2013.  With 76.4 million Baby Boomers, that leaves $157,068 per Boomer.  And if you take out the billions of assets owned by the uber wealthy, that leaves even less money inheritance for the rest of us.


Now $157,000 is nothing to sneeze at.  But it’s not going to put most of us in a lap of luxury during retirement either.   $41 trillion sounds rich.  $157,000 is reality. So why are many of us hopeful that we will be OK in retirement even if we don’t focus on it?

Willful Blindness

Margaret Heffernan’s book Willful Blindness talks about our human need to believe we are “good, and worthy and valued”.  She suggests we couldn’t function if we believed ourselves to be otherwise.  So we ignore our failings, like managing our money well, to avoid pain and conflict.  We don’t want to admit we could be doing more, because it makes us feel unworthy. And we don’t want to find out we need to do more, because then it creates conflict between the way we want to live and the way we should live.

She challenges that when we are blind to our shortcomings, we aren’t effective at functioning either.

 “That’s the paradox of blindness: We think it will make us safe even as it puts us in danger”.   Are you in danger?

Your Life is Worth Planning Ahead

So let’s turn the tables.  Know that money issues are tough. You are worthy even if you find it hard to tackle them. And you are also worthy enough to take care of your future self.  Start with one commitment because you are valued– start figuring out what you will need in retirement.

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