Learn to Face Money in a Gentle Way - Don't Miss This!

Posted by Carrie Rattle on Mar 1, 2019 10:15:00 AM

Do you literally vibrate inside with panic when the topic of money comes up? Is your money anxiety due to under confidence or frightening conversations you heard as child? You know money self-care is as important as taking care of your health, your children, your career, but you just can't face it? We completely understand. This seminar has been created especially for you.

Your money anxiety and under confidence has a lot to do with what SOCIETY tells you you're capable of. Society used to tell us we were too fragile to understand politics and vote. Then society told us we couldn't get a loan without a man's signature because our delicate nature couldn't possibly understand the mechanics of money. So, do you want to believe what continues to be said about women and money, or are you ready to show the world what women are made of?

Learn to face your money  in a gentle way. Please join me and Karen Bigman of The Divorcierge on March 7, 6-8 pm at 522 Fifth Avenue for a seminar on the basics of understanding your everyday cash. It is for all women, whether you are involved in a divorce or just ready to face your money-care head on.  SEE THE LINK BELOW. WOMEN ONLY PLEASE!


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 Carrie Rattle is a Master Money Coach, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst & Founder of Behavioral Cents. Using her 30 years of banking, credit cards and brokerage experience in multiple countries, she inspires women to change everyday money behaviors and begin their journey to wealth. Behavioral Cents delivers a private, non-judgmental atmosphere with a program tailored to change your money behaviors for the better – without deprivation. Thoughts always welcome: carrierattle@behavioralcents.com.


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