Your Money Neuro Track

Posted by Carrie Rattle on Oct 3, 2017 7:26:00 AM

I’ve been a fan of Neuroscience for a few years now. It not only appeals to my inner geek, but it assists me in being the best coach possible for my clients. Did you know that our Amygdala, that has served us well since the dawn of time when it helped us decide on fight or flight, now doesn’t serve us quite so well?  Very simplistically, if we are bitten by a dog while talking about money, our Amygdala may decide that money is pretty scary.  When we hear the word, it will tell us to RUN.

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Is Your Money Mindset No Longer Serving You?

Posted by Carrie Rattle on Sep 28, 2017 7:51:00 AM

The word Mantra comes from the Hindu and Buddhist religions, representing a repetitive chant of word or phrase. For those of us in the North American culture, the use of mantra loosely refers to a set of beliefs or phrase tied to motivation. It's our mindset.

I interviewed a client a number of months ago, and it became clear she was strongly driven by “productivity”.  Productivity is a very North American word – something that our culture values. “Time is Money” comes to mind immediately.  However, sometimes a productivity mantra is too narrow. Here is an example of how my client’s money mindset sabotaged her money behaviors.
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Have You Done the CVS Money Run with Her?

Posted by Carrie Rattle on Jul 13, 2017 7:28:00 AM

Thanks to my colleague Tod for this title and question that prompted my thinking.  Tod has been dating a woman for about a year, and his friends inquired whether Tod had “done the CVS run with her yet?”  Tod sought clarification.  Apparently, it is a wonder that a woman can spend $200 in CVS in just minutes, and fit it all easily into her purse.  As a woman, this does not surprise me at all.  So why does it surprise men?

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Dishing on Couple's Money with Mrs. & Mr. Tomato

Posted by Carrie Rattle on Jun 28, 2017 7:15:00 AM

Thanks to Cheryl and Stu Benton for willingly ‘baring all’ on their money beliefs, and how they found common ground as a couple. Here is their story.

If you’ve ever talked with Cheryl, her intelligence is evident. She had the guts to build an ad agency which was purchased by a larger company, and then started The Three Tomatoes. Women listened and her newsletter “The Three Tomatoes” continues to grow.

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Cash in the High Stakes Moment

Posted by Carrie Rattle on Jun 13, 2017 7:59:00 AM

My husband commented that I should check my tires since one in particular seemed a little deflated.  I never look at my tires -never thought to – unless of course one goes flat on the way to a really important meeting while I’m in my best suit. Then I’d notice.

The mundane chore was fit into my schedule a week later when I got around to it.  The exercise shocked me. 

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Do You Trade Happiness for Money? Maybe a Little?

Posted by Carrie Rattle on Jun 6, 2017 11:04:00 AM

My colleague, Stacey Francis is CEO & President of Francis Financial.  She is also Founder of Savvy Ladies, a non-profit organization that spreads free financial information to women.  As with many of us who are in the money business, we have stories that drove us here.  These stories are personal and emotional. Here is Stacey's:

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5 Tips to Fight Tax Return Money Euphoria

Posted by Carrie Rattle on Apr 25, 2017 8:15:00 AM

We all know the feeling – when we’re getting a tax return and we feel, well, rich. Not rich like a millionaire, but richer than we were yesterday. It’s like gold falling from heaven. And then it starts. The “what can I use this money for” dreams begin. And believe it or not, we probably dream spending 4 or 5 times the value of our refund. This is money euphoria.

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Are You a Rainy Day Saver? This Video Will Tell You

Posted by Carrie Rattle on Apr 11, 2017 8:05:00 AM

Understanding how you think about money can help you identify your behaviors in real time...and change them on-the-spot.  If you believe you can change your own spending habits, then this video may be powerful enough to get you there.  Are you a Rainy Day Saver? If so, you've got some great behaviors..and some that could get you into trouble. If you're not a Rainy Day Saver, stay tuned for other profiles and share this with someone who might be. It's only about 3 minutes. Thanks for listening !

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I Know I Need to Save Money! Why Can’t I Just DO It?

Posted by Carrie Rattle on Mar 28, 2017 8:02:00 AM

If saving money were easy we’d all be doing it. And frankly, about 50% of the Boomer population hasn’t saved much at all. If you wish you were saving more, you belong to a VERY BIG club of like-minded people. That doesn’t mean we should let ourselves off the hook – we do need to plan for the future. But here’s why it’s so very hard.

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Is Greed a Sign of Selfishness, or the Broken Trust of a Child?

Posted by Carrie Rattle on Mar 11, 2017 9:04:00 AM

We all have money beliefs, formed during childhood.  We didn’t choose them. They just grew as we processed, experienced, and observed our small world. Often, they came from our parents, or a close role model. We may have adopted similar beliefs, or rebelled.  So here we are today, with our money beliefs.

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