The #1 Character Trait for Managing Money Well

Posted by Carrie Rattle on Feb 11, 2020 10:30:00 AM

This character trait is not only considered the best trait to have when managing your money, but also one of the Big Five traits to have for success in general. This is powerful to understand, since building your money behaviors can contribute to building your life success. And vice versa, if you have this trait already in everyday life, you only have to learn some core skills to become more successful with your money as well!  What is this trait, and do you have it?


Conscientiousness is one of the five traits of both the Five Factor Model and the HEXACO model for personality traits. 

If you are conscientious, you most often exhibit the behaviors below. If you are able to execute/make decisions in a timely manner, you’re probably not caught in the perfection loop.

How would you SCORE out of 6 on the following behaviors?

Do you:

  • Desire to do tasks carefully, thoroughly?
  • Have strong work ethic & perseverance to achieve what you want?
  • Exhibit a goal-orientation – you plan ahead, think about the future as well as today?
  • Understand the impact your behavior has on others and think before you act?
  • Show self-discipline & self-control in everyday behaviors?
  • Have a reputation for being reliable – you deliver when promised and show up for others?

As a side note, if you take conscientiousness to an extreme, it can lead to perfectionism. Perfectionism is actually fear of being judged or fear of leaping into the unknown. It leads to paralysis and personal frustration, since perfectionism can never be achieved.  


This Trait Can Change Your Life

If you scored 5 or 6, congratulations!! You have a desirable character trait and the ability to manage your money well if you don’t already. If you’re not managing your money yet, it would probably be pretty easy for you with just a bit of coaching.

If you scored 4 out of 6 or lower, you have the potential to become more successful in life and with your money than today, just by changing some behaviors. If you build the behaviors above by learning your money, just imagine how they can improve your everyday life! Possibilities are endless.


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