Items on Sale Help Your Budget? Think Again

Posted by Carrie Rattle on Jan 19, 2015 4:15:29 PM

Since it’s the time of year when many of us have committed to losing weight or saving money, we’re drawing parallels because often our attitude to both is similar. Let’s talk about diet foods and deals.

Diet Foods & Discipline

In Brian Wansink’s book “Mindless Eating” he talks about the Atkins Diet and the evolution of low carbohydrate (carb) food products. The Atkins Diet focuses on meats and vegetables, staying away from refined carbs such as bread, rice, potatoes and sugar. When it became popular, major packaged goods companies followed suit by creating all sorts of low carb products for the grocery store.   

 However, according to Brian Wansink, instead of losing perhaps 40 pounds, people using the low carb products lost closer to 4 pounds. How could this be you ask? Well, instead of maintaining a certain level of food intake lower in carbs, people ate more because they were eating “diet foods”. We were letting ourselves off the hook and throwing discipline to the wind.

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