Why Pay Equity Isn’t Enough for Women’s Equality

Posted by Carrie Rattle on Apr 19, 2019 10:15:00 AM

I hope to see pay equity in my lifetime, for all the women who continue the hard fight for it. It took 30 years for all the working women of my generation to move the pay equity needle from 69 cents to 81 cents. THIRTY YEARS, of working long hours, being perfectly prepared for every meeting, receiving promotions every 1 ½ years, and yes, even negotiating raises and bonuses.  THIRTY YEARS for all the women who raised children and worked full time, running out at 5 pm facing scorn from their male counterparts, then working 2 hours after they cooked dinner and put the kids to bed.  But Pay Equity still won’t achieve equality, and here’s why.

What Pay Equity Means & Doesn’t Mean

Pay Equity means that women will be paid equally for the same job as their male counterparts. We know we’re equal to men, but when the system and all the employees in it finally acknowledge it, we can stop questioning everything we do, and stop working harder than men just to prove we’re as good. We will hold our heads high, knowing that we are finally recognized as equals, instead of keeping our nose to the grind to get there.Picture of female and male renovators. women and money, pay equity

Pay Equity will give us more money to assert independence and to spend more freely on what we want in life.

But, pay equity doesn’t guarantee we will be any wealthier than we were. Money is only useful if you know how to keep some of it and put it to use. 

Money Buys You an Equal Voice

Wealth gives you an equal voice in the world because money is a gender-neutral tool. It buys you a seat at the table. And it is more within your control than fighting systemic and gender bias in a workplace of thousands. 

Wealth gives you power to change the world by building a business, or donating to a charity or political party. 

Women  are communal and giving. Don't YOU think the world needs more of these characteristics to balance us? If so, then fight for equal pay, go on marches, and PLEASE begin building your own wealth. Don't know how to start saving? Reach out to me a CarrieRattle@BehavioralCents.com.

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