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Do you feel uncomfortable talking about money, or just facing money issues? Are you worried that you are Financially Fragile and not sure where to go to get help, or how to start? To help you ease into the topic - and stop beating yourself up - I've created 3 Free Videos for you.  They start you off in a  whole different way - different from starting with a budget, or lessons on deprivation. These videos will help you begin rethinking your entire relationship with money, to get back on solid ground.  

A lot of Your Discomfort with Money may NOT be Your Fault. Really.

I think you'll find what I have to share very interesting.  Women often criticize themselves constantly - from the time we wake to the time we go to bed.   It is important to own the change we want, but it is also important to understand the influences in our lives that got us to this discomfort. I we don't understand them - we can't fight them - and change becomes way too challenging.

Please Join me as I Share the Video Series:    Unspoken Forces Separating You from Money Confidence.

 1. Discover Your Own Hidden Money Beliefs & Why the Finance Industry has Let You Down

 2. How Retail Plays on Our Personal Insecurities & Targets our Money Beliefs

 3. Why Talking About Money can be Boring & Uncomfortable

 Start your journey toward Confidence, Fearlessness, Joy. Get Your 3 Videos Below.


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